Hotels in Yunnan

Hotels Stad Rating Vanaf

Tengchong Guanfang Hotel  5 stars


International Hotel Lijiang  5 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan) Uitstekend EUR 113

Golden Eagle Summit Hotel Kunming  5 stars

Kunming Perfect EUR 88

Hotel Indigo Lijiang Ancient Town  5 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan) EUR 200

Songtsam Retreat At Shangri La Mgallery Collection Hotel  5 stars

Shangri-La Perfect EUR 160

Howard Johnson City Of Flower Hotel Kunming  5 stars

Kunming EUR 71

Lijiang Liman Wenzhi No.1 Hotel  5 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan) Perfect EUR 61

Sky Valley Heritage Boutique Hotel Dali  5 stars

Dali (Yunnan) EUR 111

Lux* Tea Horse Road Lijiang Hotel Lijiang  5 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan) EUR 230

Intercontinental Kunming Hotel  5 stars

Kunming Perfect EUR 136

Banyan Tree Ringha Hotel Shangri-La  5 stars

Shangri-La Perfect EUR 245

Grand Bay View International Hotel Dali  5 stars

Dali (Yunnan) Perfect EUR 136

Grand Park Kunming Hotel  5 stars

Kunming Goed EUR 69

Amandayan Hotel Lijiang  5 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan) EUR 473

Green Lake Hotel Kunming  5 stars

Kunming Uitstekend EUR 145

Arro Khampa By Zinc Journey Shangri-La Hotel  5 stars

Shangri-La EUR 135

Soluxe Hotel Kunming  5 stars


Crowne Plaza Lijiang Ancient T Hotel  5 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan) Perfect EUR 153

Regent Hotel Dali  5 stars

Dali (Yunnan) EUR 73

The Linden Centre Hotel Xizhou  5 stars

Xizhou EUR 120

Doubletree Resort By Hilton Xishuangbanna  5 stars

Xishuangbanna EUR 120

Banyan Tree Lijiang Hotel Lijiang  5 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan) Heel goed EUR 257

Hilton Yuxi Fuxian Lake Hotel  5 stars

Yuxi (Yunnan) EUR 135

Hylandia By Shangri-La Hotel  5 stars

Shangri-La EUR 107

Grand Hyatt Lijiang Hotel Lijiang  5 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan) EUR 132

Pullman Lijiang Resort And Spa  5 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan) Perfect EUR 149

Empark Grand Hotel Kunming  5 stars

Kunming Beoordelingen van gasten EUR 67

Kunming Long Way Hotel  4 stars

Kunming EUR 46

Hilton Garden Inn Lijiang Lijiang  4 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan) EUR 71

Blossom Hill Inn Springland Lijiang  4 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan) EUR 87

Wang Fu Hotel Lijiang  4 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan) Uitstekend EUR 73

Asia Star Hotel Dali  4 stars

Dali (Yunnan)

Yinxiang Wenyuan Hotel Oldtown Lijiang  4 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan) EUR 82

New Era Hotel Kunming  4 stars

Kunming Uitstekend EUR 81

He Mu Ju Inn  4 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan)

Lijiang Spiritual Utopia Hotel  4 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan)

Paradise Hotel Shangri-La  4 stars

Shangri-La EUR 213

Dynasty International Hotel Kunming  4 stars

Kunming Heel goed EUR 53

Weilong Hotel Kunming  4 stars

Kunming Uitstekend EUR 71

He XI Resort Hotel Lijiang  4 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan) Uitstekend EUR 98

Landscape Hotel Dali  4 stars

Dali (Yunnan) Heel goed EUR 51

Uchoice Hotel Kunming  4 stars

Kunming Uitstekend EUR 51

Expo Garden Hotel Kunming  4 stars

Kunming Uitstekend EUR 70

Kunming Haitang Hotel  4 stars


Golden Spring Hotel Kunming  4 stars

Kunming Uitstekend EUR 45

Kunming Xiongye Hotel  4 stars

Kunming Perfect

Dali Gurong Hotel  4 stars

Dali (Yunnan)

Ji Hotel Kunming Zheng Yi Fang Branch  4 stars


Holiday Inn Kunming City Centre  4 stars

Kunming Heel goed EUR 62

Fontaine Blanche Hotel Kunming  4 stars

Kunming EUR 74

Dianchi Hotel Kunming  4 stars

Kunming EUR 109

Wyndham Kunming Resort  4 stars

Kunming EUR 130

Best Yue Hang Hotel Kunming  4 stars

Kunming EUR 110

Kunming Spring City Garden Tianhong Hotel  4 stars

Kunming EUR 52

Kunming Jin Jiang Hotel  4 stars

Kunming Uitstekend EUR 56

Yunnan Aviation Sightseeing Hotel Lijiang  4 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan) EUR 108

Kunming Enjoying International Hotel  4 stars

Kunming Goed EUR 28

Village Green Inn Lijiang  3 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan) EUR 48

Garden Inn Lijiang  3 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan) Uitstekend EUR 20

Bruce Chalet Lijiang  3 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan) EUR 28

Lijiang Sina Hotel  3 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan) EUR 79

Baisha Holiday Resort Lijiang Lijiang  3 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan) EUR 23

Bodhi Boutique Inn Shangri-La  3 stars

Shangri-La Perfect EUR 34

Mulan Guest House Kunming  3 stars

Kunming Perfect EUR 25

Kunming Ic Holiday Shuncheng Serviced Apartments  3 stars

Kunming Heel goed EUR 64

Romantic Life Inn Lijiang  3 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan) EUR 41

Zen Garden Hotel - Wuyi Yard Lijiang  3 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan) Uitstekend EUR 50

Darling Habour Inn Lijiang  3 stars

Lijiang (Yunnan)

Dali N° Hotel  2 stars

Dali (Yunnan) Goed EUR 51

Kunming Upland International Youth Hostel  2 stars

Kunming Uitstekend EUR 15

China Old Story Inns Of Dali Dali  2 stars

Dali (Yunnan) Perfect EUR 38

Fairyland Hotel Kunming  2 stars

Kunming Beoordelingen van gasten EUR 24

Lost Garden Guesthouse Kunming  2 stars

Kunming Schitterend EUR 24

Camellia Hotel Kunming  2 stars


The Hump Youth Hostel Kunming  2 stars

Kunming Uitstekend EUR 17

Spring City Golf And Lake Resort Kunming  0 stars

Kunming EUR 249

Songtsam Lodges - Songtsam Shangri-La  0 stars

Shangri-La Perfect EUR 132